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  • What does the BimmerUtility License cover?
    The license allows use of all the features listed below. The license does not require renewal and is valid for the life of the machine its installed on. • FDL EDITOR • FA EDITOR • DTC CODES • NCD COMPARE • CHECK FSC
  • How do I get updated CAFD mapping?
    We do not charge for cafd mapping updates and work hard to stay up to date with current cafd releases. At present time, we are fully mapped through the latest release. BimmerUtility is a self updating application. When new cafds are released, we work on the backend to get them mapped quickly. Once complete, BimmerUtility will automatically update itself to reflect new mapping. No purchases, new installs or user effort is required.
  • How do you FDL code using BimmerUtility?
    Please see our demo above. Click the blue button labeled "FDL CODING" for a video example of FDL coding with Esys and BimmerUtility.
  • What OS's does BimmerUtility support?
    The application supports the following Windows OS versions. The computer would need to be a 64 bit computer due to ESYS: • Windows 7 - SP1 & later - 64 bit • Windows 8 - All versions - 64 bit
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